Monday, April 23, 2012

Abstract: Emotion or Motion?

Recently, I have been creating abstract paintings to loosen up my brush strokes at the same time tring to capture the feeling or emotion within the painting. It has been a challenge while keeping the 7 elements of art in mind: Texture, form, shape, space, color, tone(value), and line, while I am painting. I start with a black canvas without no concept (idea) in mind, simply going with emotion. Using my other senses--music I am listening to, the temperature in my studio, and the feeling of applying the paint on the canvas with the use of color. (see attachment). The painting (1) I did, I felt passion (value) bursting out of me, rough edges (texture), and confidence/easy feeling (color). Definitions of Abstract and motion: Abstract-thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects or actual instances. Motion-(verb)-to direct by a significant motion or gesture, as with the hand. The definitions I found are very interesting and it applies to abstract painting. I think all abstract paintings are with both emotion and motion along with all elements of art, what do you think? I have attached two paintings that shows movement and emotion/feeling, can you tell the difference? please leave comment on which one you think is movement or emotion feeling. (do not vote on my painting). Pick number 2 or 3. Let's have some fun!! Thanks, Lucy.

Lucy Inserra 1

Viola Lee 2

Fania Simon 3
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