Thursday, August 9, 2012

Materials used while I am painting in oil and acrylic. Very Helpful, Use them!

For Oil
Use only AP (Approved Products) label materials to avoid fires and toxic inhalation.  
·         Natural Turpenoid:  perfect for cleaning paint brushes or to remove paint from canvas.
·         I use safflower oil for solvent: mix with oil paint to thin oil paint; can buy at any grocery store; OR use Linseed oil from any art store.
·         Use Viva paper towels: very soft and gentle on your paint brushes and doesn’t leave those paper partials on your paint brushes.
·         Use Dove soap for hands and to clean paint brushes: I found this soap heaven sent to use for cleaning up.
·         Use Winsor and Newton Oil paints: very good quality oil paints-easy flow and good for mixing.
·         Use Strathmore Paper palette: easy to clean up-just wrap up and throw away and safe.
·         Use Cover-lid palette: easy to keep your oil paints wet for next painting session-make sure you put some solvent (Oil) on oil paints.  Also, use paper palette to line inside your covered palette.
·         I use synthetic paint brushes (hair like brushes): very smooth and easy to clean, great to use for specific brush strokes. There is also bristle brushes-very hard texture brushes if you want more of a paint brush look.
For Acrylic
Use acrylic paints are very safe to use for your health and for environmental reasons.
·         Acrylic paint is water based: never use any solvent just water to thin out paint; never mix oil with water.
·         Use Viva paper towels
·         Use Dove soap
·         Use Strathmore Paper palette
·         I use synthetic paint brushes
I hope that some of these materials are helpful to you.
Linseed oil

Covered Palette