Friday, April 27, 2012

Answer to Abstract: Emotion or Motion?

Artist: Viola Lee (2) is motion-brushstrokes are loose and carefree; you can see movement with the sky, river, and trees. It does give some kind of emotion in peacefulness because of the use of color. I like how the brushstrokes come off the canvas, this gives a continual perspective that makes the painting move from the canvas itself-movement.
Artist: Fania Simon (3) is emotion-due to faces, or eyes this painting is automatically recognized as an emotion; colors are reds and blues—are also an indicator of emotions: reds-passion, love, hate, confusion; blues-sad, royalty, depression, authority.  Also, the boxed frames with the faces gives an emotion, for instance boxed in feelings, or closed off feelings. Your eyes don’t have an easy flow when viewing this painting, your eyes seem to focus on each  box/square one at a time. The only motion you do see are within the boxed squares with the flow of color. However, this painting does show emotion first.

Viola Lee (2)

Fania Simon (3)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Abstract: Emotion or Motion?

Recently, I have been creating abstract paintings to loosen up my brush strokes at the same time tring to capture the feeling or emotion within the painting. It has been a challenge while keeping the 7 elements of art in mind: Texture, form, shape, space, color, tone(value), and line, while I am painting. I start with a black canvas without no concept (idea) in mind, simply going with emotion. Using my other senses--music I am listening to, the temperature in my studio, and the feeling of applying the paint on the canvas with the use of color. (see attachment). The painting (1) I did, I felt passion (value) bursting out of me, rough edges (texture), and confidence/easy feeling (color). Definitions of Abstract and motion: Abstract-thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects or actual instances. Motion-(verb)-to direct by a significant motion or gesture, as with the hand. The definitions I found are very interesting and it applies to abstract painting. I think all abstract paintings are with both emotion and motion along with all elements of art, what do you think? I have attached two paintings that shows movement and emotion/feeling, can you tell the difference? please leave comment on which one you think is movement or emotion feeling. (do not vote on my painting). Pick number 2 or 3. Let's have some fun!! Thanks, Lucy.

Lucy Inserra 1

Viola Lee 2

Fania Simon 3