Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let’s talk about Dripping…

I have noticed this technique is being used a lot in paintings in my local area and beyond, it’s interesting and I plan on doing the technique myself to try out. But, has this become a new art movement? This technique is called “Dripping”, in which is used with acrylics, water colors, and sometimes in oil paints. If you notice in the attachments, the technique is created when the paint brush is loaded up with paint and then water or another solvent is used and is placed on the same spot where the paint was applied on the canvas and then gravity takes over…a happy mistake or accident occurs. Of course, the canvas is on a vertical plane or easel to have the drips fall as they may. Of course, this isn’t something new in the art world, because Jackson Pollock introduced the pouring and splattering technique, in which was done flat on the ground with industrial paints. However, I do see that this dripping technique is being used more in our current art world. But, what is the fascination behind this technique? (The attachments were pulled off Google search and I provided the names of the artists).

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