Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is expression in painting..

Expression in painting was founded in Germany. One of my favorite artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner is a good example. Expression is far from the traditional painting with perfect composition, muted color palette, and the body form. Expression is the opposite, form is applied with lines that are not real, but rather a feeling. What I mean by that--you see the form, you place the brush on canvas with expression and go to the next brush stroke without going over the same brush stroke you just made. I found specific music really helps with the spontaneous brush stokes and also a longer brush will help to. Now, expression painters also use vivid color, imaginary color or straight out of the tube color. Color is my favorite! Explore it as much as possible. I have attached a image of Ernst..take a look! so, let's play trivia..What art movement came after expressionism ? Hint: was founded here in a America,  artist: Arshile Gorky.
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