Monday, November 10, 2014

Oh! Those is a good one!

While I am still in my researching stage of my next series of paintings, I ran across this artist and I was blown away. I found his information in one of my news feeds and I was amazed!!!

His name is Joseba Eskubi. A Spanish artist who works and lives in Bilbao, Spain. Born 1967. The paintings are mixed media by using oil paint, acrylic paint, plasticine, and photography. I researched what "Plasticine Art" was because I have never heard of that art work/style before. Basically, plasticine is modeling clay used for sculpture. It's a non-drying clay, it hardens when fired. So, the clay can be used for models and can be easily manipulated into shape.

Look at his work!!! It's so moving! the objects are not clear-could be a house, a barn, a stock of some wheat or hay, or some long wavy weeds blowing in the wind. Eskubi 's paintings are both abstract and surrealist I think. It is noted that he is a surrealist painter because of the metamorphoses of his objects seems to develop into these familiar shapes that the viewer might relate to. I agree to that. I love it!!! It reminds me of the series of paintings I did on abandoned houses but my paintings gave  way too much detail in the brush stroke. I like his use of the color palette, the brush strokes that are deep and strong, making the painting move in expression of color. Love it! Love it! It's obvious that his objects seem to be organic in appearance, like as old rotten foods, melting in the scenery that they are placed in. The objects are always placed in a open vast background. Eventhough, viewing other paintings of Eskubi I found he does figurative paintings also. The person is not visible, but you know it's a person by its figures although the rest of the body might be melting away. Looks like a murder scene.

Eskubi might be a surrealist painter but to me these paintings show so much expression by the use of brush and color. Each painting gives off this feeling just by the movement of the lines and the color he uses. For Example, the one shown first on this blog. It gives off a high feeling, good feeling of growing upwards, up-lifting or easiness. What do you think? I feel it! Now, look at the one painting just above this shows heaviness, death, sadness, etc. You see it? Do you feel it?

I have always been fascinated in paintings that give off the expression of feeling when viewing it. I guess that's why I consider myself an expressionist painter. My next series of paintings are just ideas at this point, but I am so interested in surrealists painters and abstract painters. My concept of the series is such a serious one and it's hard to paint that into expression on a canvas. I am not telling what my concept is yet for it might change by the time I start creating the paintings, we will see.

I have attached two of Joseba Eskubi paintings, so you can  tell me what you feel or what you think about them? He is pretty cool, isn't he???

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