Saturday, February 1, 2014

Time is a wasting away...

Sorry, I haven't written a new blog in awhile; with Christmas, losing my pet cat Kit Kat, and now owning a little puppy. I must say it's been a challenging couple months. I have been thinking about a new series of paintings that are not quite so foo foo (Girlie like). I am thinking using expression with a little classical/realistic painting style. Right now, I am in the research and sketching part, nothing has reached the canvas. I am not going to say what the series is yet, for I don't know how it's going to be for the first attempt. This will be my 3rd attempt in a series of paintings. What I mean in "series" is the subject matter is the same throughout the paintings. First instance, my abandoned buildings series (12) and my senior show with the masks (10). I like doing series for it gives a bigger meaning on all paintings when they are grouped together. Personally, I like my ability to see my growth as the paintings develop one by one. I sometimes go back and add another painting to the series, with the abandoned houses I added two paintings. But, I will now always stop on my 10th painting for the value of the painting are better when there is a limit of them. Series run in 10 paintings or whatever count I decide. This coming up series is only going to be 7, no more and no less. I also like trying out different styles with my series of paintings. My abandoned houses were still expression in color and adding life back into those buildings that are left abandoned. My senior show was all about expression-visually and colorfully. I will continue to develop my own style of painting through these series and maybe someday it will hit me on how I should paint. However, I can tell you it's not about the outcome, it's all about the journey. I will soon write a blog for I am researching more right now. Thanks everyone! Lucy
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