Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Materials Around The House To Use In Painting

I have been a painter for almost 10 years or more. I have always been an artist since I can remember but, I fell in love with painting years ago. I started off with acrylic painting at first and then, switched to oil painting 4 years ago while I was in college. I still go back and forth from acrylic and oil depending on my vision of the painting.  As I am now a painting teacher, I was asked in one of my classes on what items can be used around the house for painting. I have collected tools around the house that I occasionally use during my painting sessions and I shared this information with the patron. I thought I would also share this information on my blog. Some of these are old painting tricks and some might be new to you. As always, experiment with colors and tools in painting can always give a different appearance, and have fun with it!!

Empty Paper Towel Roll- I use this on small detailed sections of the painting, especially in oil when you do not want to put your arm on canvas because the paint in NOT dry-can smear paint. I place it on edge of canvas with arm on top of it with brush in hand. I can move arm on the roll and not on canvas to make lines more straight and more detailed textures. An old technique I have used for years.

Empty Toilet Rolls and Plastic Lids-If you like perfect circles or want perfect circles in your painting, use toilet rolls and various plastic lids. I have used acrylic paint with this technique but, you can also use molding paste--to give a uplift texture or you can use oil paint. Make sure you wipe off access paint between color changes.

Empty Spray Bottles-These are great with acrylic paint to give the effects of dripping, spray, and fading of color on the canvas.

Card Board-If you split open the card board, you will find ridges underneath the flat surface. The ridges are very good to use to make texture, smearing of multiple lines, and cross-hatching appearance.

Bath/Sea Sponges-I like using these for several reasons. Gives a lot of texture and design depending on the pressure you use or the smearing that is applied. Also, it's very easy to clean and re-use.

Shoe Laces-I have never used this technique but, I have seen it used. Dipping the lace in paint and slinging it onto the canvas gives the appearance of a unattended mark or letting gravity take over. This technique can also appear to look like a Jackson Pollock's dripping technique if used correctly. I have never tried it in fear that it is very messy. Someday  I will try it.

Little Things- tooth picks, bottle caps, cotton balls, Q-tips, Syringes, and salt or sand.

Hair Spray-Aqua net-my professors would kill me for saying this. But, Hair spray-only the spray kind can be used for a fixed furnish on only acrylic painting (DO NOT USE ON OIL). It gives a Shinny appearance and it enhances the color of the painting. Make sure you apply in even coat about one foot away from the canvas to avoid dripping of the hair spray. It also seals in the paint color. Aquanet is the best to use.

The Paint Brush- I use my paint brush for a lot of things. I tell my classes that a paint brush is NOT only a paint brush it's a tool. I use it for measuring distances of the canvas, straight lines, point of view, and also the end of the paint brush to make little perfect circles.

These are some of the materials I use. If you have other materials that you use or have questions about using certain kinds of material. Please share or leave a comment.

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