Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh! That James!! A Smart-ass Artist!! Love it!!

James Ensor
Skeletons Warming Themselves” (1889) Oil on canvas, 29-1/2 x 23-5/8 in. (74.8 x 60.0 cm)
James Ensor (13 April 1860 – 19 November 1949) Painter and Printmaker, who was known to be an expressionist and surrealist painter who caused a lot of uneasiness in his paintings. His paintings were sarcastic in terms of inhumanity in this world and religion.  Most of his paintings were themed with masks or carnival appearances that were grotesque.  I liked that he used fake Skeletons in his studio and would dress them up for his still-life paintings.  I also liked that he would use bright colors to receive psychological impact from his viewers while keeping his paintings skills with complete freedom.
The reason I mention him is that I was impressed in seeing his painting in Dallas, Texas at the Kimbell Art Museum in 2011 named, “Skeletons Warming Themselves” (1889) Oil on canvas, 29-1/2 x 23-5/8 in. (74.8 x 60.0 cm). It was a small painting but, the impact/impression was very powerful in both, sarcastic and in the wonderful painting skills he has with color. I personally did an artist copy of this painting. My painting is very colorful against his, but I am sure it was colorful at one point but, because of the passing of time, the original painting faded in color.  I was also interested in his themes of masks, color, and theatrical themes for it was exactly what I was thinking about my senior show in 2011, with the use of masks that was associated with my fear of clowns, while using theatre themes.  I was blown away when I saw this painting and found some association with it. I have attached my artist copy and his original painting. Enjoy!

Artist Copy done by Lucy Inserra in 2011

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