Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to get into the groove again...

Hello everyone!! Haven't written in awhile. I have had some medical issues that needed attention but all is good now. As a artist in the 21st century, a lot of outside world distractions are happening that can also effect your creativity. I haven't been painting my own paintings in awhile due to working on commissions for other people. So, it has left me with no time for my own creativity juices running probably. Of course, artists are effected in what we are surrounded by, influenced by or experienced some kind of life changing experience that needs to be expressed. So why not in your artwork! I have been thinking of some kind of series that involves women. A feminist series. I have started two paintings so far and one of the them is showing a woman flooded with ecstasy (naked) and the other painting is a woman looking over a cliff-naked. I want to some how reveal the nakedness of a woman that is so vulnerable when it comes to the experiences women feel in a sinful way. I want the series to be in the series of seven paintings. I just have to dig deep within me on the seven sins that women experience through life that causes more pain but we still survive. Such, as child birth, heart break, intense passion, lose of love, etc.
I don't know. I will see. I am just finding it hard to get my butt into the studio. I pass my easel everyday and my mind starts thinking with ideas but no painting. I need to just do it!!! Let things fall as they may. To let the feelings come out onto the canvas. I know, as all artists we come across a dry time of collecting ideas and creating that art work. We try and try and nothing..BAM!! our real life gets in the way. I need to just do it! I will make that my goal this 2017. Spending more time to develop and improve my own style. I can't wait until that day comes when someone will say that's Lucy Inserra painting. Wish me luck!!!
P.S. Thank you for all the people that follow my blog. I  will try my best to keep you informed.
One of my commissions I did recently.

16 x 20,Oil on canvas. 2016 Lucy Inserra. replica-Movie Where Dreams may come..